Two Ginger Kittens Miraculously Survive Fire Which Claimed 6 Lives

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – There was a terrible fire which claimed a total of six lives in Atlanta, Georgia but miraculously, two ginger kittens managed to survive!

Some kind neighbors had alerted a local rescue group that they had seen the two kittens going in and out of what remained of the house all day long as if they were frantically looking for someone.

LifeLine Animal Project quickly stepped in to get the kittens out quickly and safely.


“They belonged to the homeowner, Ernest Eberhardt, known by many as a good Samaritan who helped people in need, and they obviously were missing him very much,” Karen Hirsch of LifeLine Animal Project told Amy at Love Meow.

“During the fire, a firefighter witnessed one of the kittens run back into the burning house as if she were searching for someone. Miraculously, that kitten survived.”


LifeLine Animal Project discovered the two laying on a severely burned mattress, or at least, what was left of it.

“A LifeLine Animal Project cat trapper and LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services Animal Control Officer were able to catch the kittens,” Hirsch told Amy.

The two kittens are doing well at LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services shelter. “They are very attached, and need to be adopted together.”


Monty is the boy who is quite sociable and friendly while his sister, Libby, is still a bit shy and timid.


It is the hope of the LifeLine Animal Project that these adorable wee ones will be adopted together.

According to Love Meow, “The adoption fees for the kittens as well as all the animals at the shelter are being waived at Fulton shelter for the week through March 19th, as LifeLine Animal Project celebrates their third Anniversary and the first county shelter to ever obtain no-kill in the metro Atlanta area.”

Photo credits:
LifeLine Animal Project

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