Cat Lost in Georgetown Apartment Fire Reunited with Owner After 11 Days!

GEORGIA – Fire tore throughout a total of 24 apartments in Georgetown on July 10, displacing everyone who lived in the building. Everyone was found to be safe and sound, except one resident – a pet cat whose name is Tubby.

Until Thursday, anyway, for that was when the missing feline was found wandering around the shell of the same building in Preston Grove Apartments where it used to live.


“We received a call today that there appeared to be a cat on the third floor of the apartment building,” stated Southside Fire/EMS Chief of Operations Wayne Noha. “Our team of firefighters went and rescued the cat and reunited it with its owner today.”

Noha shared a photo of a firefighter handing the cat over to its owner.

“She was so happy to see her cat,” Noha stated.

The Georgetown community has completely come together in recent weeks to help residents displaced by the blaze, thought to have been sparked by an unattended cigarette on a porch. However, Tubby’s reappearance was unexpected, and, in Noha’s career, a first.

“I don’ t know that I’ve ever seen this in my 33 years of firefighting – an animal rescued 11 days later,” he concluded.