Biker Jumps Off Motorcycle to Save Kitten in Middle of Busy Oklahoma Intersection!

OKLAHOMA – A motorcyclist from northwest Oklahoma saved a lost kitten who was nearly run over in the middle of a busy intersection, and the incredible rescue was caught on her helmet cam.

The video shows the orange cat appear to drop in the middle of the intersection after a maroon-colored sedan passes by. Several vehicles, including a large tow truck, appear to actually drive over the kitten.

Only when the kitten starts moving does the motorcyclist in the clip, who told ABC News she wanted to be identified only by her nickname Laney, go into the middle of the intersection, get off her bike and pick up the kitten. She then hands the kitten over to a woman on a nearby sidewalk as she goes back to get her bike.

“He was so small in the middle of that big road, and I thought he was a leaf until he moved,” Laney, 25, stated. “I literally cannot watch the video anymore because how many times he escaped death just kills me.”

She went on to add: “I’m just so thankful that the woman in the video, who I later learned was named Dana, was there, and she looked like she was about to run and get him too.”

The biker explained that after nestling the kitten in her helmet, she called her husband to pick them up, took the kitten home, and she named the little guy Skidmark.

Laney went on to describe how she took Skidmark to the veterinarian later that afternoon, and the vet stated that he was a “very healthy” one-pound kitty who was about four weeks old, she said.

“His name, Skidmark, is a little bit of dark humor, but we thought it was appropriate considering that’s exactly what he could’ve been,” she noted.

“I heard it’s very common, especially once it starts getting cold, for stray cats to climb up into the engine block or somewhere underneath a car to stay warm, so Skidmark probably was there and just jumped out,” Laney added. “He is just so, so lucky. I’m just glad that he’s OK, and he’s been doing well. He’s a very energetic kitty.”

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