Cat Notices Something Is Missing After Visit To Vets / Why It’s Important He Lost Them!

Milo the cat came to after his visit to the vets and was horrified to find that some parts were missing. His owner, John Reed from England, managed to capture the moment on camera.

John explained that after he brought Milo back from the vets he kept looking down at his private region for ages then finally looked up and screeched.

Even though this procedure may seem cruel it does certainly have numerous health benefits for your pet cat and can help them live longer happier lives.


To start with, castrating a male will reduce his testosterone levels which in return reduces his aggression. He will then be more friendly to other cats and quite often even much more loving to his owners.

You cat will also stop spraying around your home. Tomcat urine has a strong, horrible odor which is hard to remove and if he is marking his territory around your home it can become very unpleasant.


Another benefit from neutering your cat at a vet’s clinic is that they a lot less likely to go roaming. Male cats can smell a female in heat from far away and will often go running off to find the female. Once a male cat is neutered, he will no longer react to the airborne chemical attractants and are more likely to stay home.

There are many owners of male cats who have complained about their cats disappearing for days and come back dirty and covered in scratches where they have fought for the female or territory.

Neutering the male cat can actually help to prevent testicular cancer and many other diseases which are often transmitted through reproduction. This means a lot less visits to the vets.

Of course, one of the hugest advantages is reducing the amount of abandoned kittens that are left to fend for themselves.