Cat Pretends To Be A Stray So Shoppers Will Give Her Snacks

Cats are smart and sneaky creatures – we already know that. They are not afraid to bend the rules at all and will do anything to get what they want. Minnie the cat is a perfect example of this. She was living the life with a caring owner, but always wanted more treats. In order to get them, the smart cat posed as a stray (no, we’re not kidding!).

Minnie spends her days chillaxing in front of a store in her home town of Netherfield. Andrea Blower, Minnie’s owner, said that the 4-year old has been visiting the Co-op since she was a baby. She tricks the staff into feeling sorry for her and gets treats all day long. Minnie is sweet with everyone until you lock her in at home – that’s when she turns into a beast.

It’s not like Andrea didn’t try to stop Minnie from going to the Co-op. She went down to the store and got Minnie back home countless of times, embarrassed about it. The staff didn’t mind, but Andrea was furious her cat was going there every day. She tried locking up the cat at home, but one day, Minnie injured herself after trying to get out from a window. Right after that, Andrea gave up, and Minnie now spends as much time at the Co-op as she spends at home.

Minnie loves the attention from the friendly staff and all the customers as well. She loves being pet and purrs when someone pets her. The staff loves having Minnie around. They even made her a tiny bed and put up a sign warning customers not to feed Minnie. She gets more treats than she can handle every day.

Not that anyone pays attention to the sign. Customers are always giving Minnie treats and she loves them and the attention. Way to go, Minnie.