A Guy Falls Asleep Outside and Wakes Up with Something on His Stomach

Ali Safa is an Aussie who recently had the weekend off and was planning on doing exactly nothing. He wanted to recharge his batteries in his Canberra home and play video games all day long. Since it was sunny, Ali went out to get some sunshine – not too long after, he was asleep. Nothing strange about it – it can happen to anyone. However, when he woke up, he was not alone.

As it turns out, a tiny kitten thought Ali was a giant pillow, settling on top of his stomach. He was shocked to see something on his stomach as soon as he opened his eyes – he thought it was a rat until the kitten started purring. Ali never had a pet, but this one took his heart away. He took a quick selfie with the cutie and as soon as she was up, she started meowing. It was obvious that the kitten was hungry.

Ali fed the kitten and took it inside for a bath. After cleaning the cutie nicely, he saw that the dirty patches on its fur are not dirt at all – they were marks. The kitten purred while he gave it a bath, and he was close to adopting. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for the decision to be made, and the kitten was named Angel.

Ali Safa

A quick trip to the vet revealed that the kitten was healthy. It was microchipped and then Ali bought some cat food and tiny toys for Angel.

After a few weeks, Ali never looked back. As he says, he made the right decision by adopting Angel, the cute kitten who “stole” Ali’s sofa and heart.