Cat Who Lost Her Leg at a Steel Factory, Then and Now, Be Inspired!

With all the craziness and sad cat stories of 2015 we here at The Best Cat Page thought you, the members, might all like to start 2016 off reading a happy ending story.

This story takes place in Colorado.

Theresa told us here at The Best Cat Page:

“It’s amazing what a loving home can do for a rescue cat. July 2014 our cat was a stray who was involved in an industrial accident. She lost her right front leg, had a hip injury, lip and nose injuries, lacerations and was underweight.

Cosette was caught inside a machine that turns the steel into wire. The workers heard her cries. However, I don’t for the life of me know how as its loud in there.

They got her out and she was immediately sent to the Pueblo Humane Society where they treated her, amputated her leg and the later got her ready for adoption.

I saw her picture 8/19 and we were there the minute they opened on 8/20 to adopt her.

We adopted her through our local shelter. My husband went through an amazing program called Pets for Patriots, they work side by side with servicemen and women both active and retired to adopt either special needs animals or animals who are over the age of two.


Dr Patti and the staff of the Pueblo Humane Society that saved her life.

When we took her home the day of her adoption, I didn’t want her walking any further than she needed to until she healed. The vet said any further damage could result in her having to have orthopedic surgery and sometimes the cat has to be euthanized.

After acupuncture, X-rays and follow up, care for a year. I’m happy to say Cosette is doing great and she just recently learned to purr again.

She saw Dr. Tiffany Barr at MESA VETERINARY HOSPITAL in Pueblo Colorado for the acupuncture and treatment for a year.

Then in June, she had hernia surgery as a result on the accident. August 2015, a clean bill of health.

To be honest, I didn’t realize a three-legged cat could do pretty much anything a four legged cat could do. I thought of her as disabled at first but I have since been educated that she didn’t see herself as disabled.

We bought everything steps modified cat trees to help her she is able to get on top of a six foot cat tree.

First day home she was tired, weak and skinny her foot looks so big

Her first 3 days home and all she wanted to do was sleep.

We had her isolated on her own private room as we have other cats and didn’t want to cause her any further stress.

We were so happy to see her up and alert. As you can see (in the photos,) we had a bed, a hiding place and a cat box all close together as the vet said no jumping due to her hip injury that was discovered.”

Cosette’s humans told us here at The Best Cat Page that their precious little fighter only recently re-learned how to purr. Her confidence is obviously back. Sometimes it’s not the hell we go through that matters in life, it’s the heaven we arrive at on the other end.


My husband with our Cosette.

Story by: Daniel Torres , TheBestCatPage

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