Cat with One Eye Rescued Along with Her Sister Who Has No Eyes and Depends on Her

Here is the heart-warming tale of two sister kitties who rely on each other in a very special and unique way.

One of these poor babies doesn’t have eyes and she depends on her sister who only has one eye!

This is Lola and Lucy!

Back in early January, these two sisters managed to find their way into a small rescue group named Happy Jack Rescue, which is located in Boise, Idaho.

Happy Jack accepted them and took them in when no one else would. It was there that they noticed the truly incredible bond the two share with each other. And it was also there that they received the medical attention they so desperately needed.

Since this is a small rescue outfit, they sadly weren’t able to meet all of the girls’ medical needs, and so, they ended up reaching out to a number of rescues across the US, hoping someone would step up to the plate and help the bonded pair.

Sadly, not a single rescue replied to their email with the exception of Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, aka SPCR, which is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kirsten Kranz, who is the founder/director explained that she would be willing to help, but first, they had to arrange the transport of the two kitty sisters from point A to point B, which is about 1,600 miles!

“Fortunately, we have a volunteer flight attendant, who spends her few days off, flying across the U.S. to get cats into our rescue, should we get a plea for help,” Sue Lentz of SPCR explained to Love Meow.

Happy Jack Rescue took the two girls to a local vet, to make sure that they could fly, because of Lola’s compromised eye. So fly they did, right into O’Hare Airport. They got whisked away by transporters, and arrived at their WI foster home.”

The larger of the sisters is Lucy and she is also the one who is completely blind. Lola is the tinier, but since she has the only working eye, she is the leader of the two.

The two girls were just two years old and weighed about two pounds each.

“First order of business was to get them ‘bulked’ up a bit. They were pitifully thin,” Lentz said to Love Meow.

Because of their severe underbites, they weren’t able to chew food normally and so, Lentz fed them watered-down soft food.

“They do a kind of shoveling, and using their tongues, they lap it up, into their mouths.”

In just two months time, the two miraculously doubled their weight.

“Lucy now weighs 4.9 lbs and Lola weighs 4.6 lbs.”

“Even though Lola has limited vision, Lucy depends on her, to lead and guide her. She sticks right by her side, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, because there is a bond and great trust between them,” Lentz said to Love Meow.

“When Lola has eye appointments, Lucy won’t use her cat bed and doesn’t eat until Lola arrives back home, even though sometimes the appointments are an all day affair.”

Update on the two:

Despite the round-the-clock care, the endless drops, and ointments placed in Lola’s eye every two hours, Lola’s eye ruptured and needed to be removed.

Despite this sour blow, their wonderful foster parents are doing everything in the power to make sure Lola and Lucy get through this feeling safe, warm and loved.

“Now that neither one has sight, it will be interesting to see what develops, in regard to the dynamics of the pair.”

“They are a truly remarkable pair of sisters, who have gone through so much diversity and pain, but who never give up because they know, they have each other.”

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