Dog Had Horrible Anxiety, But That All Changed When …

Lucy the golden retriever had a very serious case of separation anxiety. She fell apart whenever her parents left the home.

“She’s always been really close with my husband,” Lindsey Getz, who is Joe’s wife, explained to The Dodo. “A few years back, he took a job where he had to travel more often. When the suitcase comes out, she starts to cry. She lies in bed all day instead of getting up. She doesn’t want to go to the bathroom.”

Getz tried absolutely everything from antidepressants, to setting up Facetime with her husband and Lucy, however, nothing seemed to work.

That all changed dramatically when they adopted a kitten named Pete.

Pete had been picked up as a stray in Kentucky and then ended up being transferred to Forever Home Animal Rescue, which is a shelter in Pennsylvania.

“The description of him really interested us,” Getz stated. “It said he had a really easygoing temperament, and that he was a really laid-back kitten.”

Pete was initially quite scared when he arrived at his new home.

“He was a little overwhelmed from coming from the rescue to a house with a dog, and two loud kids,” Getz added. “So he did hide a lot the first day.”

It didn’t take long at all before Pete came around and he then started to bond with the family.

He became the best of friends with Lucy.

“I remember we got him in the morning and that night he laid on the couch with Lucy, which we couldn’t believe,” Getz stated. “He was willing to hang out with a dog, and I don’t know if he’d ever seen a dog before. Pete was grooming Lucy’s paws a couple days after we got him.”

As you can clearly see, the two are now inseparable.

“Lucy’s almost 10, so she’s definitely a pretty senior dog,” Getz stated. “But I’ll see her get toys out, which she hasn’t done in so many years. And she’ll show them to him.”

“Her mood is much better,” Getz went on to say. “She’ll still whimper a bit when she sees the suitcase come out, but it’s so much better.”

“They’re always together,” Getz noted. “They’re either curled up by the door or on the couch. So I feel like she’s never alone.”

“We are so glad we adopted Pete,” Getz concludes …

“He’s definitely everything we were looking for in a pet. He’s changed our life — and he changed Lucy’s life.”

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