Facebook Study Reveals What Sets Cat and Dog Owners Apart!

Facebook is currently diving into the age-old divide between “cat people” and “dog lovers” to determine whether they share some personality traits with their beloved pets.

The research was shared recently in honor of International Cat Day and, while the results may just be in line with what one would expect, there are also some surprises that show what unites cat and dog owners.

Using object recognition technology, Facebook studied 160,000 U.S. pet owners who posted a photo of their cat, dog or even both animals.

Cat owners are more likely to be single and they also have fewer friends than dog owners, according to the study.

It may or may not come as a surprise that cat owners are more fond of indoor activities, such as reading, watching television and movies, which gives them more time to spend with their feline friends.

They’re also much more expressive on Facebook, running the gamut from commiserating with Grumpy Cat all the way to sharing feeling of being happy and loved.

Facebook also pinpointed a few traits which are commonly shared by cat and dog owners.

When it comes to curling up at home for some entertainment, both cat and dog owners equally seem to love “Seinfeld,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “The Great Gatsby,” and “Frozen.”

Each may have strong feelings about being a “cat or dog person,” but pet owners on both sides are more likely to be friends with each other than with people who don’t have pets, proving in the end, that cute animals can unite us all.