Pirate Cat Couldn’t Find Home Because the Way He Looks

Wesley is a little kitty who looks like a pirate who has one eye and an adorable grin on his face. Every day he waited in the shelter for his forever home, but people just passed him by until the day he found someone who could see the beauty in this special little guy.

“I met Wesley for the first time a couple of days after he was dropped off (at the shelter). I was in love, but I couldn’t afford him yet and just KNEW he would be adopted in no time,” Wesley’s human told the fine people at Love Meow.

“When I returned to the shelter about 6 months later, I was shocked to see he still hasn’t been adopted!

“A lot of people just didn’t think he was very pretty to look at, and he was labeled special needs due to his congestion issues.

“I took him home and the rest is history.”

Wesley’s little pirate face is a complete mystery. He wrote on his Instagram: “Nobody knows for certain how I became so handsome-I may have been born this way (lucky!) or I may have suffered some sort of trauma to the side of my face. But my human fell in love with my swashbuckling self and now I’m enjoying a happy life of pillaging and plundering (mostly hairbands and cat treats of course).”

“Now he spends every lunch break hanging out with his human on their front porch. “It’s the little things in life.”

There is no such thing as an imperfect cat.

More: Instagram @wesley_the_pirate_cat