Fashion’s Obsession With Cats Continues, Check Out Some Pre-Fall and Fall 2016 Collections! (12 Photos)

If you work in fashion, odds are you’re a Scorpio with a love for cats. Get outta here all of you Gemini dog lovers! But just in case you doubted the industry’s continuing obsession with felines, look no further than these samples from the pre-fall and fall 2016 collections. From Gucci to Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs, some of the biggest brands in the business are doubling down on their cat obsessions and putting furry faces on blouses, coats, jewelry, bags and keychains. The cat obsession started picking up a lot of steam in pre-fall: MSGM and No. 21 were just a couple of the brands that emblazoned the animal on sweaters and outerwear, and Stella McCartney even went so far as to hire a cat to costar in its look book.

And now Grace Coddington, whose own cat obsession is quite legendary, is getting in on the moment, too. The bottle for her new fragrance with Comme des Garçons is a feline-inspired bottle which just so happens to be based on one of her whimsical cartoons. So stay tuned for cats on cats on everything this summer and into fall. The question remains: will the trend continue to thrive into 2017? Considering the industry always finds new ways to incorporate the prized animal into new and trendy pieces, we bet a box of Meow Mix that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!