This Preemie Kitten Was Left To Die After Birth, But Destiny Had Other Plans!

This tiny calico kitty is called Hazel. Hazel had it tough since the day she was born – as a preemie, she was the only kitten to survive from the litter. However, she never gave up.

Katerina Gvozdova from CatRescue901 (South Wales, Australia) recently learned of a litter of kittens nearby her home. The cat gave birth prematurely, with two kittens stillborn and the others in grave danger. Due to the traumatic birth, the cat didn’t want to nurse the kittens, so the two remaining ones were brought to Katerina. She immediately rushed them to the vet, where one of them died in just a few minutes.

Hazel, however, decided not to give up. “She weighed less than 80 gr.,” says Katerina, “and I had to feed her every few hours not knowing if she would survive.”

After a few days, the tiny kitten was already fighting an umbilical infection. Katerina worked non-stop to save it, but for the next couple of weeks, she wasn’t sure of his chances. The cat had what’s known as a fading kitten syndrome and Katerina took it to the vet.

Still, Hazel refused to give up. Katerina’s love for the kitten surely helped it survive. She says that she loves seeing Hazel fall asleep in her hands. Even with all the stress, Katerina was adamant in keeping Hazel alive.

After a couple of weeks, the calico kitten’s condition improved and it began growing. “The little diva pulled through with lots of love from me and my partner,” Katerina says with a smile.

As Hazel continues to grow, she’s becoming even more adorable. Check her out at CatRescue901:

She’s now 5 weeks old and cuter than ever! One of the favorite habits of this tiny cat is snuggling up with her mom until she falls asleep. Such a cutie!

Isn’t Hazel adorable?