Firefighters Rescue 2-day Old Kitten Trapped in Pipe!

MICHIGAN – Farmington Hills firefighters managed to rescue a kitten Thursday that “appeared to be no more than two days old” out from a concrete culvert underneath a street near 9 Mile and Farmington roads.


Firefighters met with a nearby homeowner and learned that the kitten was trapped about 10 feet inside the culvert.

Using a flashlight, a pike pole and also a highly-adhesive trauma dressing normally applied to a gunshot victim’s chest, Lt. Jason Baloga and Inspector Dan Rickard created a tool which pulled the kitten out without any injury.


The kitten was immediately rushed to the Blue Pear Veterinary Hospital, which is located in Southfield.


“While our focus is obviously providing the best possible fire protection and emergency medical services to the citizens in our community, our firefighters have also rescued countless animals over the years,” stated Farmington Hills Fire Chief Jon Unruh. “Many of us are animal lovers and situations like this definitely make everyone involved feel good.”