Florida Firefighter Rescues Tiny Kitten From Frame of Car and Then Does Something Incredible!

CUTLER RIDGE, FLORIDA. – A Miami-Dade firefighter went ahead and adopted a kitten after rescuing the feline from the frame of a car.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokeswoman Erika Benitez stated the driver of the car drove to Fire Station 34 in Cutler Ridge just before 9:30 a.m. Monday after hearing the kitten crying from inside the car.

Firefighters were successfully able to trace the kitten’s cries to the rear wheel-well liner, Benitez explained.


A jack was used to remove the wheel. Once this was done the firefighters freed the kitten, who had been stuck inside the frame of the car.

Benitez stated the male kitten was stuck in a tight spot, but he seems to be doing well.


According to Benitez, the kitten has already developed a very strong bond with his rescuer, so the firefighter has decided to take him home.