Unbreakable Friendship Between a Tabby and the Neighbor’s Cat

This story began when a neighbor cat came to the porch of a home while Lancelot the tabby was out with his human for some play time. They seemed to become friends instantly. Since then, the neighbor’s cat has never stopped coming back.

“Lancelot likes to go outside, but is only allowed out on a lead, so he doesn’t make a lot of friends. He’s usually over-excited when a cat walks through our yard and bolts at them. But this one cat started to stop by and hang out with him on our porch,” imgur user annagudbjorg wrote.

“This cat, Neighbor Cat, started coming pretty regularly, and they just bro’d out in the yard.”

“Lancelot isn’t always allowed to go outside, but that’s never stopped Neighbor Cat from visiting.”

“Without fail, Neighbor Cat comes to our back door every day and meows to come in and play with Lancelot. They either run around the house wrestling, hang out on the window sill, or take naps. After a couple of hours, Neighbor Cat meows at the door again and goes home.”

“Being bros has its ups and downs though.. Lancelot would like more personal space. Neighbor Cat would not.”

One day, the human and Lancelot set out to find out where Neighbor Cat lives. “I decided that Lancelot and I would try and follow Neighbor Cat home after their next play date!”

“Eventually, he led us to a door that had a tiny kitty door in the corner and he walked right in. I knocked on the door and met Mr. Neighbor Cat!! For a second, I was worried that he just went into some random person’s house but the man that answered the door confirmed that that was his cat. I told him of their adventures together and how they enjoyed each other’s company. He said he had noticed that he would often times be outside/not home when it was really cold, but then came home and didn’t feel cold at all. He was really pleased to know that his cat had such a good friend, and that they got along well. Before we left for our journey back home, I asked Mr. Neighbor Cat what his cat’s name was… I’m pleased to introduce to everyone: Loki.”

Days later, Loki shows up mid-morning meowing and is excited to play with Lancelot.

“Once Loki is done scrounging for any left over food that Lancelot didn’t eat, they bro out for a bit – sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes in the laundry room, and if it’s nice weather, outside on the grass.”

“Before he heads back home, Loki likes to give Lancelot some TLC by cleaning his face. Lancelot is not always a big fan of this, but he tolerates the nice gesture.”

“At the end of the day, no matter how hard they wrestle, run around, or sneak attach one another, Lancelot and Loki just enjoy spending their days together and being the best of friends.”

They were meant to be the best of friends.