Former Marine Successfully Reunited With Cat After 4 Years And …

Hemi was a huge part part of the Connell family since back in 2009, when they found him as a mere kitten, so when he went missing in 2011, they were totally and completely devastated.

Four years and a total of 2,000 miles had separated Hemi from his family, however, that didn’t stop him from wandering back into their lives.

Former Marine Robert Connell simply couldn’t wait to see his long lost friend, Hemi the cat. So when a snow storm hit and grounded all air travel, he ended up driving 1,700 miles to be reunited with the cat that meant everything to him.

“Before I had kids, the only thing I could connect to in life was a cat. … He was like a person,” Connell expressed to WNCT. “I never knew a cat would get attached to me, or I get attached to it.”

“What have you been up to?” Connell asked his cat at their reunion. “Are you ready to come home and be spoiled?”

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