Grieving Cat Desperately Needs New Home – Because He’s So Depressed by Brother’s Death!

ENGLAND – Gnasher urgently needs a brand new place “where 100% of the attention is on him” after being devastated by the loss of his beloved sibling Smiffy.

This heartbroken cat has been made a re-homing priority after it became consumed by grief at his brother’s death.

Gnasher, who is a 13-year-old tabby, has been so affected by the loss of sibling Smiffy, he urgently needs a new family, say animal shelter Boote Home for Cats.

The fundraising manager, whose name is Wendy Moulton said: “Gnasher needs to be moved into a new home where 100% of the attention is on him.

“Since his brother died it has really affected him and his mood is very low.

“It’s become a priority for us to find him a new home.”

Boote Home for Cats (BHFC) in Fairfield, Merseyside, has been caring for cats since 1942, reported the Liverpool Echo.

Currently, there are more than 50 cats who are waiting to be rehomed.

Each and every week cats are lost or abandoned on the streets of Liverpool and the charity said the problem is getting worse.

Just this month, a kitten had been left abandoned in a box right on the BHFC doorstep.

It takes the tireless efforts of all the professionals and volunteers to care for the pets, track down their owners or find them a loving new home.

Wendy stated: “The situation is getting worse and worse each year.

“More and more pregnant cats are being left and that means there are kittens to look after too, it seems to be an ongoing problem at the moment.

“There are so many cats out there which need a home.”

Boote Home for Cats also offers services which included neutering and a cattery for when owners go on holiday.

The Fairfield charity is always appreciative of your donations, particularly scratching posts, food and toys.

For more information about how you can abopt a cat or donate to Boote Home for Cats call 0151 228 4336 or visit