Naughty Cat Tries to Strip Owner of Her Bikini Top! – VIDEO!

This pesky pet left its owner very red-faced.

In the video clip, the woman is sitting in a bikini top on a kitchen stool, sitting opposite a male companion.

The cat appears very eager to get her attention and jumps up.

Clinging on to her string bikini, the cat begins to pull.

However, in the end, the accidentally whips the bikini top off.

The woman turns around in shock, clutching her bikini top and trying to remain unfazed.

It’s no surprise that this funny footage has gone viral online.

Posted to Imgur, it’s has had over 45,000 views already.

One user commented: “That cat has more of a pickup game than I do.”

Another user stated: “That cat is a dog.”

One more added: “That would be me if I could be a cat!”

And one said: “Well trained.”