He Wants To Come Inside, So He Does This With His Paws!

By nature, the cats’ playground is outside. Living inside increases their longevity, but they do need to spend time in their real home – nature. This is a bit of a problem – you can walk a dog outside, but cats are a totally different beast.

Some people let their cats outside while watching over them the whole time, so it’s not really a great solution. Then there’s the people of bringing their pets back home. Some people install a flap door, but it isn’t nearly as effective as with dogs.

However, if you have a cat like the one in the video below, things get easier. The kitty has found an amicable solution of asking to come in. Some pets scratch the door when they want to come in, some go through the door flap, but this incredible cat has an efficient and adorable way of asking to be let inside. Watch her in “action” below: