Hilarious Moment Family Cat Trips Toddler by Grabbing Her Leg as She Walks Past!

CHINA – Funny footage has emerged showing a naughty cat tripping up a toddler as she walks past.

The footage is believed to have been filmed in China and shows the girl being tripped over.

The girl can then be clearly seen pointing at the cat to tell her parents what it did.

The footage, which was posted to Shanghaiist’s Facebook page on October 27, has had some 609,000 views.

It shows the girl preparing to stroll past the cat.

She then speeds up and begins to walk more quickly.

As she passes the cat extends a leg and trips the girl up.

The poor then goes flying and lands on her hands and knees.

The girl immediately turns around and points at the cat as it miaows at her.

People have commented on the video:

Jade Hutchings commented: ‘I found this far more funny than I probably should have.’

While Rosie Fellows writes: ‘I feel like this is something our cat would do.’

And Michael Grotle noted: ‘Look at the cats face in the very beginning….. He looks disgruntled!’

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk