Homeless Vet and His Beloved Cat … In Need of Easter Prayers …

PLAINVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS – A homeless veteran and his beloved cat have received in excess $3,000 in donations, well-wishes and letters of encouragement from all over the world!

It all began with a plea for help from Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue in Plainville that ran March 14 on The Sun Chronicle’s Pet Day page.

it didn’t take long for the news to spread that the veteran, identified only as Joe, and his beloved cat Trickster were in desperate need of assistance.

Their story went online, at Peoplepets.com – a website by People magazine – and iheartcats.com publishing articles which have drawn more than 7,000 shares.

Victoria Callahan, president of Angelcat Haven Inc describes the public’s response as “simply amazing.”

The 60-year-old veteran and his cat have been living in a car for two whole years. Together they have survived on money earned from jobs like yard work and snow shoveling.

When Joe needed medical assistance, he refused hospital admission until his cat had a safe place to go and a promise that Trickster would be returned to him once again when he got out.

Angelcat Haven took in the cat, and recently brought Trickster to the Attleboro Veterinary Clinic for a much-needed checkup and also to receive vaccinations.

Angelcat Haven has also offered to help Joe in any way it can.

The organization is focusing on helping him recover healthwise, take care of Veterans’ Administration paperwork and find also him a job.

“He’s determined to get back into the working field, and he constantly talks about ‘paying it forward,” Callahan said. “He is a retired nurse and BC (Boston College) graduate, so I’m sure we can find him something suitable.”

The organization is planning to use the collected donations gathered so far to get Joe a newer-yet-used vehicle, one that will be big enough to accommodate him more comfortably until they can find the two of them an apartment.

Callahan said that Joe and Trickster can still use all the help they can get.

Donations are still being accepted and can be made to the Trickster Fund through PayPal at www.angelcathaven.com or mailed to Angelcat Haven P.O. Box 2261 Plainville, MA 02762

We here at The Best Cat Page wish Joe and Trickster the best in their future mew-gether! One of our own staff-members, Ken Hazza, was homeless in the streets with his two cats for a period of time last year.

Ken and Joe would would more than likely agree on this one thing … that even if the world is falling apart, the kitties come first!

Photo credits: Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue