Island Cat Bonded with Kind Woman Who is Determined to Save Him

A kind young woman had found a ginger stray cat when she was visiting Cyprus. The kitty was practically skin and bones, wanting to be fed and needing to be loved. She started to care for him and soon she knew there was no way she would be able to just forget about him.

Charlotte Futcher shared the story with the folks from Love Meow: “George was a skinny, frightened street cat from Cyprus. He lived alone and afraid amongst the rubbish. When I saw him, I loved him instantly.

I spent my holiday feeding and cuddling this beautiful cat, who repaid me with unconditional affection and an unbreakable bond.”

George met his human friend by the dumpsters where he would sleep.

George smiled at Charlotte every day when she would arrive to feed him and
begin to bond with him.

One of the locals told Charlotte that George is a survivor from a car accident, but that the little guy has a strong will to live with a big heart filled with love.

George wouldn’t go anywhere else when she was around. He stayed by her side and kneaded on her towels while purring away the whole time. Soon the two became inseparable. Charlotte decided definitively that she would take him with her so he could have the loving forever home he always deserved.

Charlotte knew that George probably had some health issues which would need to be dealt with with when they got back to England, but she was determined to save the little loverguy and give him the best life possible.

“I fought against every obstacle – researching how to get him out of Cyprus, transporting him to the vet in a rabbit cage when there was no other way, and hitch-hiking when I had to – and I gladly parted with every penny I had.”

“Georgie’s home at last!!! The weather’s not as hot as Cyprus, but the cuddles and Whiskas are on demand. So happy.”

He woofed down his first proper meal at his new home in England.

It’s been a few days since George arrived in his forever home but you can bet he’s loving every bit of his new life and hasn’t stopped purring yet.

When you show a cat love, they return that love ten-fold.