Sparkle Cat Rolls in Glitter, Becomes Fabulous!

Piling on the highlighter until you look like some flawless, glazed donut is currently all the rage in the beauty world — and Salem the cat is evidently totally on board!

Earlier this week, his owner, whose name is Amanda Barron, used a Lush Intergalactic bath bomb, accidentally leaving a whole bunch of glitter in the tub when she was done. Ever the opportunist, Salem immediately jumped in and got his sparkle on.

Salem emerged a god among cats, completely covered in gold glitter from head to tail. (For those who are worried, the glitter is made of seaweed and isn’t toxic to animals!) As Barron later explained to BuzzFeed, he ended up getting glitter absolutely everywhere.

Barron eventually had to give Salem a full bath to prevent him from spreading the sparkle further, but his few moments of pure glory must have been totally worth it.