Kind-hearted 5-Year-Old-Boy Starts A Lemonade Stand To Help Animals In Need

5-year-old Canadian Lleyton Black is obviously a true friend to animal-kind. After he went to visit the Save Our Seabirds bird sanctuary with his family, he developed a liking for an injured stork, affectionately named ‘One Wing’ after his other wing needed to be amputated.

Source: Jennifer Black

Although there literally dozens of birds in the sanctuary, Lleyton only had eyes for One Wing. Jennifer, his mom, told The Dodo:

“This bird was timid and it surprised us that Lleyton wasn’t so interested in seeing any others. He just stood with One Wing”.

Even more surprisingly, Lleyton actually asked his parents to give him some money to put in the donation box, in order to help buy One Wing food. Ever since, Lleyton hasn’t forgotten his feathered friend and is now completely determined to help animals great and small.

Source: Jennifer Black

He regularly looks at Facebook pages of local animal shelters and sanctuaries with his parents, and he finally had the opportunity to help them in his own little way earlier this year.

His family decided to throw a yard sale in his home town of Ottawa and he had the bright idea to set up a lemonade stand to raise funds for his favorite sanctuary. Jennifer stated:

“He chose Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary because he wanted to help animals. He worked really hard to sell as much lemonade as he could. Quite a number of people donated to his cause, not because they really wanted lemonade, but because they wanted to support animals”.

Source: Jennifer Black

Lleyton sent every bit of the money he raised to the sanctuary so they could buy food and supplies and, a few weeks later, he finally began to see the fruits of his labor when his family took him to the Happy Tails.

There, he made friends with an abandoned sheep, whose name is Charlie. Jennifer added:

“He’s starting to realize that [farm animals] are no different than cats and dogs, that they have personalities”.

Source: Jennifer Black

Lleyton has since asked his parents if they can move in order to be closer to the sanctuary. In the meantime, however, he has decided to set up his lemonade stand again, so that he may continue to help his menagerie of friends.