Kitten Found Alone in Pallet Yard Snuggles Up Rescuers Shoulder And …

Sandra is a kitten fosterer who lives in Los Angeles, California. She spends a great deal of her spare time caring for as many kittens as her apartment will allow, and never fails to locate good homes for each one of them.

Woody the kitten was discovered all alone in a woodpile with absolutely no mother or siblings anywhere.

He was literally starving to death and very dehydrated. Thankfully, though,
Woody was placed with Sandra who fed him, bathed him and even went so far as to stay with him as he recovered from his terrible ordeal. All of the time he has spent and shared with his foster mama has made all the difference.

Woody absolutely loves to perch on her shoulder and purr into her ear. If it wasn’t for people who are like Sandra, Woody might not have survived at all!

Visit Sandra’s Instagram page here and watch the inspiring video just below!