Vet Rescues This Kitten From A Shelter, Then Nearly Faints When She Sees This Inside His Ear

Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch was visiting a local shelter doing her routine check of the animals when she noticed Speck, the kitten.

All the kittens who live at this particular shelter has some eye issues, and Dr. Karri took them all back to her clinic to give them a proper exam.

While she was examining Speck, Dr. Karri noticed something else that caused concern.

Warning: Some of the images you can see below are graphic, proceed with caution! Speck’s ear was red and angry looking – and he would cry every time Dr. Karri touched it.

The source of the inflammation was actually much deeper than she thought, so, Dr. Karri couldn’t really see what the problem was – Speck was then prepped for emergency surgery!

With Speck sleeping peacefully under some anesthesia, Dr. Karri was then able to see the cause of the inflammation – there was an insect larva buried into Speck’s head!

Happily, there was only one larva in there, and Dr. Karri grabbed onto one end of the creature and slowly pulled. It took a few minutes to coax the horrible bug out, but Dr. Karri was able to extract it in one piece!

When Speck first woke up, everyone could tell he was feeling a lot better!

Dr. Karri admitted she had never seen anything quite like that before.

She contacted the shelter and urged them to inspect all the animal cages to be sure nothing like that could happen again.

We invite you to watch the video – but remember – some viewers may find it disturbing!

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