Kittens Rescued Before 3-alarm Fire Claims Shed in Utah!


PROVO, UTAH – A handful of kittens narrowly escaped a shed fire Thursday morning thanks to the quick actions of Provo firefighters.

Fire crews were summoned to a three-alarm fire near 600 South and 100 West just after 8 a.m.

When they arrived at scene, they had a very tough time getting their trucks to the shed because of the narrow road leading to it. A dozen firefighters worked as quickly as they could to keep the flames from spreading to a nearby barn housing flammable materials.

“We had some cylinders for welding,” stated Captain Dean York with the Provo City Fire Department. “We had fuel cabinets that had tipped over during the fire, during some of the collapse. Those are a little more difficult to get the fire put out in those because of the fuels that were there.”

Shelby Sandgren woke up in a panic when she saw that her grandparents’ shed was on fire.

Reporter: “What was your first thought then?”

Sandgren: “My cat. I was sad.”

Firefighters couldn’t save the shed, but they did manage to scoop up four kittens inside – which was a big relief for the homeowner’s grandchildren.

They introduced Fox 13 to the kittens which were rescued.

“This one’s Two Face, this one, I named it Jeff, this one’s Tiger, this is Bubba,” they explained.

The family is truly counting their blessings and are grateful that no one got hurt. Investigators will sift through the pile of debris for answers.

“It’s a little bit of a needle in a haystack because you can see the damage and what’s left,” York stated. “This is what they’re good at, and this is what they do.”

The homeowner tells FOX 13 that they now plan on building another shed. They’ll put it on the opposite side of where the old shed was located, which is away from electrical lines.