This Fox Caught A Stray Cat, And What Happened Is The Last Thing You’d Ever Expect! – VIDEO!

TURKEY – In the animal kingdom, certain species just seem to be natural enemies, and they know to stay far away from each other. But sometimes nature can surprise you.

This unlikely duo is even more shocking because of those standards. Take a look at their amazing tale!

When this stray cat came face to face with the jaws of a fox, the encounter simply wasn’t expected to end well…


However, as it turned out, this cat and fox are actually the best of friends!


A photographer first spotted the special pair sharing a piece of fish on the shores of Lake Van in Turkey. Since then, they’ve been spotted together often.


They run around together!


They sometimes wrestle together…


And sometimes they just hang out with each other!


Even when it appears they are fighting, it’s all in good fun.


They don’t even seem to mind it when other animals want to join the party.


Even though they’re so completely different, this unlikely pair proves that true friendship doesn’t care what species you are.


We simply can’t get over just how cute this little couple is together!

Would make a great Disney movie, wouldn’t it?