Little Derby’s Rescue Journey

This is Derby … a tiny white kitten rescued from a shelter and given a second chance at life.

Little Derby came to Good Karma Pet Rescue in South Florida in rough shape, but the little one was a fighter.

In less than 48 hours after the rescue, Derby’s infected eye was clearing up and his skin started to heal thanks to the efforts from Derby’s foster mom, Gina.

Derby was so tiny when they first rescued him from a shelter. The little guy is a fighter and starts purring just being touched.

A few days after the rescue, Derby was all perked up and healthy!

“Derby is growing big and strong. He is eating like a little champ!”

Who could say no to a face as cute as Derby’s?

Update: Thanks to the good folks at Good Karma Pet Rescue, Derby has found his forever home!

Photo by Gina of Good Karma Pet Rescue