After Losing a Leg in War-Torn Syria, Rescued kitty Gets the Chance to …

Each and every day, war takes a horrible toll on more people than we can imagine. Although they had absolutely nothing to do with the conflicts themselves, innocent citizens have to suffer the horrendous results. And it’s quite true, animals aren’t spared from that fate either.

Sadie, the beautiful kitty in the video, was first discovered in a Turkish war zone. Tragically, she was hit with a piece of shrapnel which terribly damaged one of her hind legs. Fortunately for Sadie, she was found by members of the He’Art Rescue team and immediately brought over to the veterinary clinic in Istanbul.

Sadie did end up losing her leg, however, the vets had an operation in mind which would drastically improve her future life. After some very long weeks of preparation, the operation was finally done – and Sadie once again had four strong legs to stand on!

The little prosthetic leg she has now makes it possible for her to be fully mobile again – and, hopefully, forget that it had ever been any different.

He’Art Rescue International is an organization which is lovingly devoted to rescuing, rehabilitation, and rehoming of animals in critical conditions. Click right here to visit the rescue’s website and learn how to help them keep up their incredible and amazing work.