Motorist Dives Into Rush Hour Traffic To Save Tiny Kitten

HONG KONG – If you wanted confirmation that there are indeed some seriously good eggs in Hong Kong, look no further than this local motorist who ran into busy rush hour traffic this morning to save the life of a tiny kitten.

One morning, a Hong Kong man traveling towards Kowloon on Lion Rock Tunnel Road got off his motorcycle in moving traffic – all to save a young cat which had somehow ended up on the motorway. Dashcam footage captured by a nearby driver has since been uploaded online:

The animal-loving motorcyclist, who is a firefighter named Kevin Kwok, explained on Facebook that he’d hesitated after seeing a “moving lump” on the road. “I said to myself that I could get hit by a car and killed if I went back to get it. But as I kept driving, I couldn’t bear to be so heartless, so I stopped [to rescue it]. If I hadn’t, I’m pretty sure it would have been hit by a car.”

In the post, which was accompanied by truly adorable pictures of the kitten, Kwok asked, “If anyone would like to give this kitten a home, or even just look after it for the day, please let me know.”

Kwok then proceeded to take the cat with him to his place of work in Cheung Chau. At 9 am, which is just one hour after sharing his story online, the big-hearted biker said he’d secured a new owner for the baby kitten.

“A cat owner living here in Cheung Chau is going to give it a loving family. So many people reached out to me to look after it. People really care.”

Netizens have been heartily thanking and praising Kwok for his actions, calling him a “hero” and “exemplary man”. At the time of writing, in upwards of 16,000 people have liked and reacted to his Facebook post, and thousands more have watched and shared the footage of his daring rescue.

In just a few hours time, Kwok has even inspired a local artist!

UPDATE: Kwok went on to post a picture of himself handing the kitten (so tiny!) to its new owner.