Man Saves Calico Kitten He Saw Fall From a Bridge!

One day, a man was walking by a river in Japan when he spotted a tiny kitten fall from a bridge.

The guy immediately ran over to the spot and found the kitten was alive and cowering in the bushes that had broken her fall. When he picked up the kitten for the first time, she was obviously very scared. The man soon realized that the tiny calico’s back legs were paralyzed.

The only thing he could think to do was to take her home with him and get her some desperately needed medical attention.

The wee one was rescued just in the nick of time because on the very next day, the river burst its banks and the little kitten would have been washed away.

The man decided to name the wee one Nene, which means Baby in Spanish.

He gave her round the clock attention to get her off on the road to recovery.

Over some time, she began to regain her strength when she was introduced to the other cat in the family. whose name is Uzu. Uzu is a friendly ginger who was also a rescue cat once. They quickly became best buddies!

As Nene grew stronger, she began to regain the use of her back legs.

With her muscles getting stronger each and every day, she slowly began to walk again.

A year has now passed and she’s a completely different cat!

Just goes to show you what a little love and attention can do to change a life forever!