19 Hilarious Photos Proving Cats Truly CAN Sleep Anywhere!

Cats truly do have a reputation for being a bit lazy and there’s a good reason for that – as they sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day.

These sleepy, adorble animals need twice as much kip as humans do and are often not fussy about where they do it.

In fact, they have a truly undeniable ability to nod off in the oddest of places, as these pictures show.

From being curled up in their water bowls to being scrunched all up on the stair banister, it seems no space is too small or too awkward for them to be able to snooze.

In fact, it seems that their favorite places are oftn so small that there isn’t enough room to swing a cat.

These pictures found on Bored Panda show that there is no mystery as to why felines are such good sleepers.

And while they have a reputation for being much more aloof than dogs, it seems that their attitude helps them enjoy a good rest anywhere in the home.

Rest on a drain pipe? Why not

Nap while stuck between a radiator and a wall? Hey, that’s great!

Between a pile of DVDs? Sure, cool!

Cats simply, clearly – don’t care.

Although our indoor pet cats are fed by us and don’t need to hunt for their next meal, they still have the same natural sleeping pattern as hunters.

Cats also tend to remain in a light sleep much of the time should potential prey appear before them.

They do sometimes engage in deep sleep but in much shorter 10 to 15 minute cycles.

It doesn’t matter to them just where they fall sleep, they’re nearly always ready to spring into action!