Matilda, the Cat with a Pair of Mysteriously Big Eyes

This beautiful cat with huge eyes has a story that is quite mysterious on its own. Her name is Matilda, a 2-year-old tabby whose eyes began to enlarge right after her first birthday.

“When she found her forever home she was only 12 weeks old and the cutest, teeniest thing that anyone had ever seen! She came home from the vet that day with a cone on her head and showed no fear when she met Dog who was about 10 times her size,” Matilda’s human wrote.

“Shortly after her first birthday, her right pupil became enlarged and stayed that way for several minutes.” They rushed her to the vet, but when they arrived at the clinic, the eye had suddenly gone back to normal.

This re-occured several times after and they were had no idea what to do. Matilda’s humans began to seek help from a few different veterinarians.

“After she saw a specialist we learned that it is a spontaneous lens luxation, which means that the lens detached from the rest of the eye for no known reason,” the family told People. “This is the mysterious part of the problem since she is an otherwise healthy cat.”

When the other lens detached as well, Matilda’s eyes then began getting bigger. The reason to her mysterious ocular condition is yet unknown. Fortunately, Matilda isn’t in any pain according to the family and she lives very much a normal cat, living a normal cat life just like other kitties. The humans are still in regular contact with the veterinary eye specialist and keeping her physical up to date.

The family is looking for clues to the cause of this strange, mysterious condition.

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Watch this video of Matilda inspecting her human’s finger and giving it a bath:

A video posted by Matilda (@aliencatmatilda) on

A video posted by Matilda (@aliencatmatilda) on