Mum who mistakenly gave daughter advent calendar for CATS hits back at online abuse

Jess Evans is a British mum who recently bought her daughter an advent calendar meant for cats and went viral. She was abused virtually for quite some time after the photos went viral, and now she has decided to “strike” back.

Alissa couldn’t eat more than four of the ‘chocolates’

One of the catnip treats from inside the Garfield calendar

After buying an advent calendar for her 9-year old girl, Evans was surprised to see that her daughter couldn’t pass day four. She soon discovered what the problem was. Those apple chocolates weren’t filled with apple at all – it was actually a mix of yogurt and catnip meant for cats!

Jess says that Alissa is completely fine

Realizing the funny side of it, Jess posted the pics online to make people laugh. Instead, all she got was abuse. As she explains, she didn’t make a cent off the story and only posted it so people can have a laugh. Alissa, Jess’ daughter, ate four of the chocolates and couldn’t do it no more. Thankfully, she’s fine now.

Her mum bought her a new calendar (left) to replace the one meant for cats

It had taken Jess 11 days to finally realize that the chocolates were for cats only. The calendar was bought for two pounds at a B&M in Oswestry. After realizing who the chocolates were really for, Alissa saw the funny side of things. She was checked by a doctor and she is OK. Her mum’s ego was a bit hurt with the surprising abuse she received, but she’s in positive spirits now as well.