Pennsylvania Cat Reunited With Owner After 8 Years!

PENNSYLVANIA – The Lancaster County SPCA has reunited a pet owner with their cat who was lost and missing for about 8 years.

The SPCA claims the cat, a white-colored domestic short hair named Stewart, was found without a collar, but he did have a microchip.

Thankfully, the microchip identification linked him to his owner, Anna Miller.

Back in 2007, Miller, who was then living in Lancaster, adopted Stewart from an area shelter when he was about a year or two old.

“He was an escape artist,” she admits. “I was always reminding friends and family to be careful and not let him outside.”

Unfortunately, less than a year after she adopted Stewart, a friend who had been visiting accidentally let the cat outside.


Miller repeatedly searched her neighborhood and put out food in the hope of finding Stewart to no avail. In time, after never seeing even a glimpse of him, she did give up.

“I thought maybe he had found a new family,” she stated.

In the years since Stewart’s disappearance, Miller has gotten married and divorced, had a baby, and moved over to Millersville. Sunday, Miller was celebrating her birthday with family when she got the best gift ever, LCSPCA’s call that Stewart had been found.

Stewart is settling nicely into his brand new home.

Miller’s other cat, whose name is Podd, who had been adopted years before Stewart, seems to remember him and is quite comfortable around him.

Miller’s 1-year-old daughter is also completely thrilled to have two cats to play with now!