Naughty Cat Caught Stealing Panties! That Reaction…

This beautiful cat has actually been caught in the act – stealing panties on camera.

Cats are by nature very curious creatures. They absolutely LOVE to sniff around all over the house even in places that they’re not supposed to.

The cat in the clip you are about to see, though, doesn’t care about the rules. Its owner has been wondering why his wife’s panties are scattered around the floor and he managed to find who is behind the mess.

Caught right in action this particular kitty doesn’t seem to care. All it wanted was to get those undies out of the drawer. At the very end of the day, we know that in their heads they are allowed to do whatever they want.

Each and every item you have at home, including you, is their property.

We think this clip is going to make you laugh – it sure made us laugh!