Orphaned Kitty Born with Only 2 Legs Wants Nothing More Than To Live

This kitty has an amazing will to live and has incredible upper body strength. However, he was born with only two front legs.

He still tries to run like a champ.

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (Charleston, West Virginia, Facebook) shares the story:

“Back in March we received a message from our local shelter about kittens who were orphaned and needed to be bottle fed.

One of the kittens was born without back legs. We had no idea if the kitten was in pain, if he had internal damage or if he would even live. We took him directly to one of our veterinarians for an evaluation.

The kitten, now known as Dan (formerly Cayden), was not in any pain and was actually very strong. Dan wanted to live and his doctor knew that we would give him every chance possible so we took him into foster care and raised him on a bottle.

As Dan grew so did his upper body strength. We continued with weekly vet visits to make sure that he was developing okay on the inside.

Every visit proved that he was just fine…he was just a bit unique.

He never dragged his back side. He was so strong that he would race across the floor on his two front legs without so much as his behind hitting the ground.

Dan is truly an amazing sight to watch. What a wonderful spirit he has!

Watch 5-day-old Dan the miracle kitty as he walks out of the carrier on two legs:

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