One-month-old Kitten Found With Ears Burnt Off in Maryland!

A local animal rescue shelter is currently seeking answers after a one-month-old stray kitten was found on a woman’s window sill with its ears burnt off.

According to the Baltimore Animal and Rescue Care Shelter, Inc., (BARCS), a citizen who was concerned called the Baltimore City Animal Control 311 line after finding an injured stray kitten laying near death outside a first-floor window of her home.

The injured kitten was found down the street from the Clifton Park Golf Course in the Belair-Edison neighborhood, which is in Northeast Baltimore, according to BARCS.

The officers who responded to the home found poor Duckie “seared and in extreme pain”. She was rushed to the BARCS shelter where medical staff treated her for her injuries, BARCS shared in a Facebook post.

The shelter explained the kitten’s wounds were caused by fire. Staff discovered that Duckie’s ears had been burned from the tips down, the pads on Duckie’s feet a deep red hue and her whiskers singed and short. Veterinarians also found minimal burning on a few other parts of her body, which led them to think a person purposefully gave the kitten her injuries.

“We get chills and physically ill think of Duckie—who is a trusting, purring, snuggle bug—sitting with this monster, thinking that they are about to love on her and instead—instead this,” the shelter commented on Facebook.

BARCS explained that it is caring for the kitten, but is seeking donations for its medical fund to treat her after a “difficult and expensive summer.”

“BARCS is not going to say ‘no’ to Duckie, but we need funds to back up this promise,” the shelter stated in the post. “We know that our community, our family, will come through for us like you always do.”

Those who wish to donate for Duckie’s treatment and care may visit the shelter’s donation page. Donations can be designated for her by marking “Duckie” in the “Tribute Name” box on the page, the shelter explained.

The shelter stated that the Baltimore City Animal Control and Baltimore Police Department are now investigating the case. Those who may have information on the kitten’s injuries can call 410-396-2400, 911 or 311, and may remain completely anonymous.