Owner Comes Out Of The Shower And Then Her Kitty Busts A Move

The lady in this video clip sure has a bit of an unusual start to her day, although judging from her total acceptance of the situation, it’s not a bit unusual for her!

The moment she gets herself in front of the bathroom mirror, ready to start her morning ritual…

…her cat decides to join in! Leaping from somewhere outside the frame, he manages to land smack dab on top of her towel-clad head and makes himself right at home.

With a loving smile, the lady just continues on getting ready for the day with the cat’s tail acting like a windshield wiper on her face.

Throughout the morning routine, the black-and-white cat maintains his perch on top of the towel-crowned woman, changing position, however, never losing his balance.

Meanwhile, the lady just goes on about brushing her teeth and getting ready.

This is clip is truly a joy to watch!

Photo/video credits: MRPHOTOMANTIM