Are You Petting Your Cat All Wrong? Find Out Here!

It’s an age-old problem: you and a cat are getting along fine; the cat is purring, you’re scratching away at its ears, it rolls over onto its back and shows you its belly, you go in for a belly rub and end up on the receiving end of some claws and sharp teeth.

So what is it that went all wrong?

The truth is, cat behavior and body language are rather widely completely misunderstood. People tend to read a cat’s body language in the way they would read a dog’s body language, and this is a huge mistake. Cats each have their own unique language that can be very telling to their human friends if, of course, those humans know what to look for.

The video below was created by Jackson Galaxy, who you probably recognize from Animal Planet’s show ‘My Cat From Hell,’ and in this video he explains some basics of cat body language and how they like to be pet.

Jackson Galaxy’s bio on his YouTube channel fully explains his qualifications to be giving such advice, stating, “Jackson started his career working ‘in the trenches’ in animal shelters, and since that time, has spent over 20 years developing his ‘Cat Mojo’ approach to solving cat (and human) issues.

He has completely dedicated his life to promoting a compassionate world for all animals and, with the establishment of The Jackson Galaxy Foundation, is intensifying his work towards the ultimate goal of achieving a ‘no-kill’ reality in the US and beyond.”

See the video below to see if you, too, have been petting your cat in the most optimal way, and let us know in the comments if these tips were helpful!

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