Police in Moscow Hunt for Man’s Missing Cat. The Cat Was Reportedly, “Armed with Plastic Explosives”

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – It’s true that most cats feel safe and secure when they’re walking by themselves. That could not have possibly been the case for one particular Moscow feline, and the people around it, after the owner reported the cat was not only missing but that he was walking around the city wearing plastic explosives?
Moscow police responded to an alarming phone call from a local resident, who reportedly put on explosives on his cat and then let it go for a walk on Wednesday.
When the unnamed man first said that he had lost his feline and needed help finding it, a dispatcher who received the call explained that the man had phoned the wrong place, as police there, as a rule, do not deal with missing pets, LifeNews reported.

The case would have been dismissed if the man had not eventually mentioned quite an interesting detail: the cat had, according to the man, been wearing a kind of explosive belt.

“The man said that he didn’t have information on the cat’s location and requested assistance with searching it,” a source from the police authorities stated.

The man said that the cat had its personal favorite spots for strolling that were checked by the Moscow metro police, who took over the case as the last time that the owner had seen his fluffy friend was in the underground.

Most likely the man who initiated the unusual inquiry was a prankster or perhaps a bit mentally impaired person, experts told reporters. However, under Russia’s criminal code, police officers will have to conduct a full investigation to bring this very unusual case to an end.