The Latest in Fashion! Cat Jeans For You Which Your Cat Can “Play With”!

The cleverly designed garment will surely make you more popular with cats than you’ve ever been!

Japanese online retailer Felissimo impressed us last month with a cat-adorned summer kimono and now the company has returned again with a new, more casual, western-style garment that’s actually the first of its kind for the company. Created by Rinrin Yamano, who is a manga artist whose cute cat illustrations have appeared on a number of Felissimo-branded items in the past, the “Cat-attracting Jeans” have been designed to take feline playtime to an entirely new level with a number of adorable details.

The cute little paw print and stitched face of a cat on the jeans pocket is just one of the item’s many interesting features.


The blue denim jeans may be worn outside or inside the home, and will be especially fun to wear when visiting one of Japan’s many cat cafes, as the details on the garment are designed to have kittens jumping all over you, making even the shyest of cats eager to play!

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One of the central design features is the long, pleated side pocket located on each leg, which includes a small loop from which to hang a long furry tail. The thick layers of material here are significant because cats will be attracted by the swinging movement will be able to latch on to the pleated material or enjoy a good scratch without ripping your leg to shreds.

Plus, the over-sized pockets are just large enough to hold cat toys or treats.

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On the back of the jeans is yet another small loop where you can hang a tail or any other type of furry cat toy accessory. Walking out of a room will certainly catch the attention of even the most nonchalant kitten, with your swinging tail enticing them to follow you wherever you go.


With a tail like this, kittens will hate seeing you leave even more but love watching you go.


The jean hems also roll up with a clasp and tie as another style point just to catch your discerning cat’s attention. Even if you’re just lazing about watching your television, your kitty can have the time of its life playing with all the design features on the bottom half of your body.


Yamano actually came up with the idea for the jeans as something she herself would love to wear while playing with her own cat. Her design sketch, showing all her well-planned ideas, has indeed come to life in the real product, which is available for 7,004 yen via the Japanese online store or US$64.47 via the international online store.