Poor Homeless Cat Was Lying All Day on the Street until Finally a Hero Appeared….

Everyone certainly deserves a happy home and this little homeless cat was lucky enough to find one. This small kitten was abandoned and literally spent half a day lying down on the side of a road.

Clearly, people weren’t willing to take the little guy and take of him. Luckily for him though, one person was surely willing to help the poor kitten.

He had absolutely no injuries and his health was fine the only problem with him was that he was starving and feeling extremely weak.

All the little kitten actually needed was some warmth and some food. Not long after he was fed and taken care of he was then ready to be a happy little kitten.

He will now be a kitten that will spend his days playing around and receiving all the love that he will ever need. Shame on all of those people who just passed him by!

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