Set Sail with Your Feline: Singapore Launches the First Cat Cruise

Singapore’s innovative Tall Ship Adventures is charting new waters with the introduction of the world’s first cat-friendly dinner cruise. This unique experience allows cat enthusiasts to enjoy a sumptuous dining experience aboard the luxurious Royal Albatross, alongside their beloved pets.

A Luxury Voyage for Cats and Their Companions

Cats can now join their owners for a glorious 2.5-hour sunset cruise departing from the scenic Sentosa Island. The Royal Albatross, a 47-meter luxury tall ship, has been outfitted with exclusive cat amenities including a bespoke Cat Lounge, playful cat hammocks – affectionately named “cat-banas” – and even a dedicated cat playground.

Boarding commences at 6:30 PM on selected dates, accommodating up to 15 feline friends and 130 passengers. Pricing for this novel nautical experience is set at $225 (£132) for adults and $125 (£73) for children, with cats cruising at no extra cost.

During the voyage, cats will be treated to delectable PetCubes sachets of “Trial Pack Cat Food” featuring chicken or beef options, while their owners indulge in a four-course gourmet meal featuring prawns, salmon, and chicken, topped off with a sweet pavlova dessert. Plus, the furry guests are granted the honor of having their own seat at the table.

Exclusive Upgrades for the Ultimate Cat Cruise Experience

For those looking to lavish a little extra luxury on their pet, the cruise offers “Meow-tastic VIC” and the “Purr-fect Birthday” packages, priced at $750 (£439.38) and $650 (£380.79) respectively. These premium options include champagne, roses, and an expanded seven-course meal for two humans.

Additionally, the cruise features masterclasses on feline skills and welfare, led by cat experts, perfect for owners eager to deepen their bond with their pets and integrate them more seamlessly into a human-centric lifestyle.

This pioneering cat cruise follows the success of the company’s dog-friendly voyages, established in 2021, celebrating Singapore’s adoration for its feline friends and the iconic Kucinta breed.

To ensure a smooth sailing experience, all cats must be supervised, comfortable in a harness and lead, vaccinated, sterilized, free from parasites, and over four months of age.

This innovative offering from Tall Ship Adventures is not just a delightful outing but a testament to Singapore’s love for cats, providing a “purrfect” blend of luxury and companionship for pet owners and their cherished cats.