A Statue Of A Cat Giving “Nazi Salute” Gets Owner Arrested!

You may have read stories where cats have saved their human’s life, but this one actually put his human into trouble. The kitty in the picture looks like it’s pulling off a Nazi salute and that’s what brought problems for his human. Keith Wu is a proprietor with a shop on Fairfax Drive who was one day surprised when a special riot police team burst through his door!

The team used stun grenades when entering the compound, which is pretty unusual for such a simple complaint. Wu’s kitten statue with a raised hand was sitting on the window for a year and he never gave it much thought.

However, someone was pretty offended by the “Nazi salute” and decided to report it to the police. The person who reported the cat didn’t even saw the statue – she heard about it from a friend.

“I haven’t seen it myself, but the salute offended me as a person. Who makes these things?” the anonymous lady said to the media. “Apparently it’s a traditional Chinese accessory that is used to bring good luck to restaurants and shops, but it really hurt my feelings,” she continued.

A Statue Of A Cat Giving “Nazi Salute” Gets Owner Arrested!

A spokesperson for the police confirmed that Mr. Wu has been taken into custody for aggravating racial and religious hatred. The spokesperson also said that he may also be charged for serving pork near a synagogue which is 4 miles away.

This is just insane – when did cat statues become such as racial and religious problem?! We think that the authorities have gone too far on this one.