Smart Cat Warns Human Her Ex-boyfriend is Hiding in the Closet

A smart cat managed to bust a man hiding in his ex-girlfriend’s closet by hissing and scratching the closet to warn its hot owner of the intruder.

A 28-year-old woman surnamed Huang from Taipei,Taiwan returned home with her friend and noticed her cat was acting weird. Her cat, named Han Ji was scratching wildly and hissing at her closet angrily. When she opened up the closet door, she was completely shocked to find her ex-boyfriend hiding inside.

The 30-year-old suspect, Hung,Yi-Siang, who is an analyst of Goldman Sachs Group, dropped the key card while Huang and her friend stood there screaming in shock.

Huang then called the police.

Surveillance video shows how Huang’s ex-boyfriend had actually broken into her house a few times recently. She has since filed the lawsuit against him and of course, changed the locks on the door.

Watch the video here!