Smiling Cat Breaks The Internet And Becomes Newest ‘Dad Joke’ Meme

This is Chestnut! His is the newest face that has been taking the internet by storm!

Chestnut’s smug, little grins were published on Reddit, by the cat’s owner, user u/ChazaySSB. Since the photos went public, people from all over the world have been falling in love with those beaming smiles! And, of course, just like most viral cat pics on the internet and a brand new meme was born.

The format of the meme is Chestnut telling dad some corny jokes and then smiling appropriately at the punchline.

Some of the jokes below may be offensive to some, so please, try to take them with a grain of salt – and a grin!











If would like to see more of Chestnut, be sure to follow him on Instagram!