Stray Kitten Found During A Rain Storm, And How Much She’s Changed Since!

One day during a stormy day, Jessica and her co-worker heard frantic meows coming from outside their offices.

It was indeed raining but the sound of the meowing was so strong could be heard above all the rain and wind!

And so, the two ventured outside to investigate!

What they stumbled upon was a little kitten who was completely drenched in a puddle and crying for help.

They brought her inside to get her dried off and named the kitten Noq.

Noq immediately began to revive and her frantic meows for help were transformed into loud purrs of gratitude!

The two co-workers put together a makeshift cat bed out of a blanket and that’s where she finally fell asleep that fateful night.

Jessica went on to explain that she decided to take the kitty home and her daughter was absolutely ecstatic to welcome the new furry edition.

The family also has a senior cat and Jessica is hoping that the two fur-babies will begin a good friendship!

It seems Noq came a long way from nearly drowning in a rain puddle and she now has, thanks to two very kind hearted people, the forever family she probably thought she’d never have!